Broadcasting Application Infrastructure

A major U.S. broadcaster restructured their business units and needed to combine each unit's applications into one consolidated system. IdeaBlade architected a unified stack of tools and technologies for rapid application development of this complex application. IdeaBlade helped develop a touch-friendly web application for advertising sales, and the infrastructure that allows the customer to create a new application and deploy it to Azure in fifteen minutes.

Technologies involved included ASP.NET, Entity Framework, TypeScript, Breeze, AngularJS and Azure. We used Team Foundation Server to capture user stories, manage tasks and timelines, and track bugs.


  • C#: 225+ files, 12000+ lines
  • TypeScript: 370+ files, 28000+ lines of code
  • HTML: 215+ files, 17000+ lines of code
  • Screens: 90+
  • Domain Model: 150+ entities
  • Database: 380+ tables


  • Unique customer requirements for tooling and architecture
  • Intensive effort devoted to creating a repeatable template-driven process for app development.
  • Integration with complex, third-party broadcasting products for measuring advertisement placement.

Below are a few components of this solution.

"Blades" UX

The customer chose a "blades" design, inspired by the Azure portal, that features large, touch-friendly, input controls as seen this Broadcasting Event Details.

Users navigate between screens by clicking or swiping the "blades" on the left and right sides.

Dynamic editable grids

Many blades display editable grids whose columns users can sort and rearrange.

New Application Generation

IdeaBlade worked with the customer to build the infrastructure for quickly developing new blade apps such as the simple example in this screen shot.

IdeaBlade was instrumental in developing the general architecture, tooling, and templates for this capability. We could stand up a small application, backed by a new database, and deploy it to Azure in less than two days. A similar effort previously took several weeks.

Ideablade’s software engineering team is top notch. The solution they built for us performs well, was completed quickly and was designed in a way which enables ease of support and maintenance. — Mike Harrison, Ace Asphalt
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IdeaBlade has the unique ability to take the general description of a task and produce a fully thought out feature or module. — Bard Laabs, Cohero
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You are all such an important part of what we have been able to achieve thus far in the SPACE project. — Darren Jaspen, Fox
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Everyone I’ve interacted with at IdeaBlade has been exceptional. — Christen Sachse-Vasquez, The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)
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I can unequivocally say that the IdeaBlade resources were amazing talent I have worked with from our partner network and that it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. — Brian Noyce, Solliance
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