About Ideablade

Founded in 2001, IdeaBlade is a small professional services company that develops data-rich custom applications. IdeaBlade has deep experience in many front-end and back-end technologies, and a broad background spanning a variety of projects and industries.

IdeaBlade professionals have delivered application solutions to hundreds of companies in aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, business services, defense, education, finance, healthcare, and insurance. We see the evolving challenges they face and we’re constantly adapting to respond to their needs.

In addition to our core team, we have the contacts and reputation to draw upon a broad pool of software experts with experience that complements our own.

We bring expertise, creativity, and passion into every project. We can take your business idea from initial concept to finished execution.

Jay Traband has been developing enterprise software for more than 30 years. First at Pacific Bell and General Electric and later at Thoughtworks, where he built and led a team to develop a user-configurable lease/loan accounting engine for large industrial leasing companies. Next at Rivio, an internet startup, as lead architect to a team of over 30 developers, he led development of one of the first online health insurance registration and tracking systems. At IdeaBlade, Jay has been lead developer, and CTO, for both the DevForce and Breeze (open-source) families of software products. DevForce and Breeze are enterprise-scale business entity data management infrastructure systems in use by hundreds of companies around the world. Jay has both a Master’s in Computer Science and an MBA.

Ward Bell has over 30 years of experience developing enterprise applications for large companies (GE, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo), medium companies (Broadlane, UFC), and startups (Rivio, IdeaBlade). Ward is a founder and president of IdeaBlade. He was editor-in-chief for Google’s Angular documentation project and a product advisor to the Angular team. Ward is deeply involved in the developer community as a Microsoft MVP, Google GDE, Pluralsight author, and conference speaker. Like his fellow IdeaBlade principals, he’s a hands-on developer/architect who sees and writes a lot of code every day.

Marcel Good has over 20 years of experience in software development, most of it in professional services and business applications. He is currently a principal at IdeaBlade, the creators of BreezeJS. From server to mobile, from Ada to C to C++ to Java to C# to JavaScript to TypeScript, Marcel has experience delivering applications that meet the user's and customer's needs. He has almost a decade of experience in Healthcare working for Broadlane, a supply chain services company later acquired by MedAssets, and he has held positions at Siemens, Cognizant Technology Solutions and some smaller consulting firms.

Steve Schmitt has been developing software for over 25 years, in industries ranging from military to energy, finance, retail, advertising, and healthcare. Steve has expertise in a broad range of technologies, and brings it to bear in solving business problems. At the U.S. Navy, he developed systems for planning, inventory, configuration management, and accounting for the Pacific Fleet. At Broadlane (MedAssets), a leading healthcare purchasing organization, he led projects including the contract management system, customer portal, customer catalog synchronizer, procure-to-pay, and parametric search system. At IdeaBlade, Steve has focused on the success of Professional Services clients: leading projects, mentoring developers, and advancing the Breeze application platform.

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Kapunahele Wong
Ideablade’s software engineering team is top notch. The solution they built for us performs well, was completed quickly and was designed in a way which enables ease of support and maintenance. — Mike Harrison, Ace Asphalt
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IdeaBlade has the unique ability to take the general description of a task and produce a fully thought out feature or module. — Bard Laabs, Cohero
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You are all such an important part of what we have been able to achieve thus far in the SPACE project. — Darren Jaspen, Fox
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Everyone I’ve interacted with at IdeaBlade has been exceptional. — Christen Sachse-Vasquez, The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)
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I can unequivocally say that the IdeaBlade resources were amazing talent I have worked with from our partner network and that it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. — Brian Noyce, Solliance
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