We license DevForce on a per-developer basis. Each developer who uses our DevForce business objects must obtain a license and may install on more than one machine providing the software is used by the same developer.

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Licensing FAQ

How is DevForce Express different from the standard edition of DevForce?

Each edition of DevForce Express is limited to a maximum of 10 entity types. DevForce Express provides a trial license, allowing the use of the software for the sole purpose of evaluating functionality and performance and may not be used in a commercial or production environment.

What is included in the purchase price?

The purchase price provides you with a perpetual product license and a 12-month subscription to product updates that includes Standard or Priority Support.

What are the advantages of licensing with Priority Support?

Priority Support is the best option for professional developers. With Priority Support, we provide email and telephone support with senior support engineers (up to 20 incidents per year), escalation to product architects, and access to alpha and beta software builds. Additionally, all Priority Support tickets are addressed ahead of Standard Support tickets in our support queue. See support levels.

Do I need DevForce Universal for OData support?

Yes, OData support is only available in DevForce Universal.

Do I need the Data Center Server?

A Data Center Server license is necessary for multi-instance server deployments. The Data Center Server supports failover, load-balancing, and enterprise-class scalability.

Do I need to pay royalties for DevForce?


Are there runtime or server fees?

No, we don't charge runtime or server fees.

Do I have access to all upgrades as part of my license?

Yes. With an active subscription you have access to all DevForce product updates.

Is upgrade pricing available?

Yes, customers of DevForce WinClient and DevForce Silverlight who purchased the Priority Support option are eligible to upgrade to DevForce Universal at a discounted rate. Contact for more information.

What happens when my license expires?

You may continue to use the last version of the product you acquired before the expiration of the license. You will no longer have access to new DevForce releases, nor Standard or Priority Support.

How do I renew my license?

We will email an invitation to renew your license one month before it expires. Subscription renewals cost approximately 50% less than the initial purchase price. To renew, you can either respond directly to the invitation email or contact us at

Do you offer source code options?

We offer several source code purchasing options. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Where can I review the terms and conditions?

Please download the IdeaBlade Product LicenseĀ Terms and Conditions.

What are the minimum requirements

.NET 4.5

Entity Framework 5

Visual Studio 2012

Windows 8 (required for Windows Store development)

Silverlight 5 (required for Silverlight development)

SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or any other relational database with an ADO.NET Data Provider

What support levels do you provide?

We provide the following support levels: