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With the DevForce Windows Store edition you receive a perpetual license for the most recent version of DevForce Windows Store. You also receive an annual Subscription to all edition updates and new edition releases. At the end of the first year you may choose to renew the Subscription for an additional 12 months at the product renewal price.

DevForce Windows Store allows you to reach Windows 8 devices anywhere. DevForce's impressive features make it easy to build data-rich enterprise applications that run equally well on desktops, tablets, and phones.

N-tier data access.

DevForce's native n-tier architecture makes it easy to access your database data in Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. You write LINQ in the client and DevForce goes across the web and returns real entities with business logic back to you. Entities are also cached on the client which avoids trips to the server and enables you to build snappy, responsive applications.

Offline support.

DevForce entities are cached on the client not just for performance, but also to enable offline execution. These entities can be saved to local storage enabling disconnected operation for extended periods of time.

Asynchronous made easy.

Call asynchronous methods without using callbacks, lambda expressions, or coroutines using new async/await keywords. DevForce makes your code easier to write, easier to read, and easier to maintain.

The latest technology.

Take advantage of the latest improvements to .NET design and development with support for Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5, Entity Framework 5, and NuGet.

Support you can trust.

IdeaBlade released its first distributed application infrastructure product in 2002. DevForce 2012 is the seventh major version of that product.

We see the issues you face and we adapt our products to respond to your needs and demands. Every DevForce developer has spent time on our professional services team, sitting side-by-side with customers, designing and building the applications that run their businesses.
Every IdeaBlade technical employee contributes to our documentation on the DevForce Resource Center (DRC) and responds to questions in our community forum. Every IdeaBlade technical employee answers support tickets—the CEO, the CTO, the VP of Technology, senior architects—everyone.
We know you want more than narrow technical answers; you want guidance. We don’t stop at "how it works". We discuss pros and cons, point to examples, and suggest better ways of doing things.

See DevForce in action:

On Windows 8 devices.

The Windows Store app tour demonstrates a simple two page master/detail application and provides an excellent introduction to developing Windows Store apps with DevForce

On WP8 phones.

The Windows Phone app tour demonstrates the same for Windows Phone applications. You'll learn:

  • How to write n-tier LINQ queries in DevForce
  • How to handle asynchronous queries and saves
  • How in-app navigation works in Windows Phone apps
  • How to abstract data management into a DataService