DevForce WinClient. WPF, Winforms, ASP.NET.

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DevForce WinClient saves months of development effort by providing the data infrastructure and features you need to build line-of-business Rich Internet Applications in WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET.

N-tier as easy as 2-tier.

Write your application as if the data is local and let DevForce take care of the details of moving LINQ expressions and business objects over the internet. Even when your datastore is far away, DevForce provides great performance because its seamless client-side caching reduces trips to the server and data compression cuts down the payload size. Develop your code in the convenience of a 1- or 2-tier environment, and then flip the switch to deploy as an n-tier internet application.

Get out of the plumbing business.

Stop writing plumbing and infrastructure code and focus your efforts on what you do best—business logic and user experience. Let us help you get out of the plumbing business!

Ready for the future.

Maximize code reuse by writing your application infrastructure with DevForce WinClient.  You'll be ahead of the game when your customers are ready to move to additional client-platforms like Silverlight, iOS, or HTML/JS.

See DevForce in action.

See how easy it is to get from File > New to a working DevForce application in the DevForce 2010 WPF Quickie.

Watch the WPF Quickie Video

Download DevForce Express for FREE.

Download DevForce Express and see how DevForce makes development easier. Each edition of DevForce Express demonstrates the full power of DevForce but is limited to a maximum of 10 entity types.

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