DevForce Solutions

You've got problems? We've got solutions.

DevForce is a framework for building and operating data-rich business applications. DevForce provides the tools, techniques, and libraries that you need to build powerful business applications fast.

DevForce's shared domain model makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy applications across multiple client technologies. It also makes it easy to standardize your development environment onto a single framework that lets developers move seamlessly across projects.

DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure—the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place.

An end-to-end development platform.

Punch brings DevForce and Caliburn Micro together to provide an end-to-end foundation for building applications

Extend the Entity Framework

DevForce extends the Entity Framework with n-tier architecture, client-side caching, multiple data sources, offline capabilities, and more.

No EDMX. No Designer. Better than ever.

Code First lets developers build their entity model classes without struggling with EDMX, visual designer, or database changes that put the model at risk.

Code First is a welcome addition for developers who prefer to focus on their model and classes rather than the database.

Run multiple clients using a single infrastructure.

Build your application with DevForce and use the same server-side code to drive multiple front-end clients. Silverlight, WPF, iOS, HTML/JavaScript—no matter what platform your customers use today, or in the future, you'll be ready

model for your MVVM implementation.

DevForce provides the model and simplifies MVVM development for whichever MVVM style works best for you, be it Caliburn, Caliburn Micro, MVVM Light, or Prism.

Outclass RIA Services.

DevForce and Microsoft RIA Services share a common high-level approach to building data-driven applications. The similarities end there. DevForce is more productive, works for multiple client technologies, and is less expensive.

Save money in the cloud.

Windows Azure promises to reduce the costs and risks of managing the IT infrastructure that supports your application. DevForce reduces your Azure costs even more.

See the complete features list.

A uniform programming model for both client and server. Property and query interception. Asynchronous queries. Dynamic queries. Caching. Offline operation. Testing. Validation. Full LINQ, OData, and POCO support. The list of features is impressive.