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DevForce Silverlight is the latest in the line of DevForce products that have been hardened and refined over nine years of real-world use.

Rapid ROI.

DevForce's impressive features makes it easy to write your domain model—the first draft—and every version thereafter. The model is easy to test and it evolves as your requirements change. Use the full power of LINQ to query for business objects in a Silverlight client. DevForce Silverlight supports the full unrestricted LINQ syntax including subqueries, projections, and aggregation. Don’t compromise.

Seamless integration with Silverlight features.

DevForce Silverlight integrates with ASP.NET Security and extends Silverlight validation with our popular verification engine that supports cross-field, cross-object, and dynamic verification.

DevForce’s client-side caching dramatically improves performance, simplifies asynchronous programming, and enables offline execution which works with Silverlight 4’s out-of-browser mode.


Our development and support teams have worked on n-tier RIA since the first version of .NET. Developers sleep better knowing that we provide a product and support backed by over nine years of experience.

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See how easy it is to get from File > New to a working DevForce application in the DevForce 2010 Silverlight Quickie.

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Download DevForce Express and see how DevForce makes development easier. Each edition of DevForce Express demonstrates the full power of DevForce but is limited to a maximum of 10 entity types.

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