DevForce: Multi-client infrastructure

One infrastructure. Multiple clients.

Protect your business from costly rewrites in today’s rapidly changing world. Build your application with DevForce and use your server-side code to drive multiple front-end clients.

“We put a lot of time into our server-side code and we wanted it to be re-usable in the future with any front-end. DevForce allowed us to upgrade our current business object layer and create a re-useable data layer for basically any client platform needed.”
- Matthew Calcutt, Products Manager at MEX

Silverlight, iOS, HTML/JavaScript—no matter what platform your customers use today, or in the future, you'll be ready.


Silverlight and WPF samples of Intersoft Solutions' Client MVVM application share the same source code and XAML.


A team of four developers used DevForce to put their application on the iPad … and five other client platforms.


Ward Bell is building DevForce-powered applications that execute on the client using OData.js and RIA.js.