DevForce: Code First

Focus on the model rather than the database.

Code First lets developers build their entity model classes without struggling with EDMX, visual designer, or database changes that put the model at risk. Code First is a welcome addition for developers who prefer to focus on their model and classes rather than the database.

"I am personally jazzed about the DevForce Code First approach. I like Code First because I think it can reduce the friction of developing and maintaining my entity model." - Ward Bell, DevForce Code First with AOP, Never in Doubt

Code second.

Not on a greenfield project? No worries! DevForce supports Code First and Code Second development. Code Second development is what happens when real-world developers want to work in a Code First style with an existing Database First model. We'll show you how to convert a Database First model to a Code First model in less than five minutes.

DevForce builds on the strengths of the Entity Framework, and then extends them with n-tier architecture, multiple data sources, non-relational data sources, and superior client application performance. Take our Code First Walkthrough and see the advantages yourself.

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