DevForce and MVVM. A perfect match.

DevForce provides the model for your MVVM implementation.

MVVM IllustrationModel-View-ViewModel (MVVM) is a recommended pattern for building "screens" or "views". It’s a pattern for arranging UI code.

MVVM is primarily concerned with separating the controls on the glass (the View) from the logic that feeds and responds to those controls (the ViewModel). The ViewModel often manages the flow of data between objects in a Model and their presentation in the View.

The MVVM pattern and its implementations have almost nothing to say about the "Model". They leave that to you … which is where DevForce comes in. DevForce plays well with all kinds of MVVM implementations. DevForce supplies the Model to your MVVM implementation. You pick the MVVM style that works best for you, and DevForce fits right in and provides the model and simplifies your development.

Punch. Our end-to-end foundation for building applications.

(And a great starting point for learning about MVVM.)
Punch takes the pain out of developing enterprise applications by leveraging established patterns and practices, such as MVVM, and building on DevForce’s rich data service capabilities.

Explore the Happy Hour tutorial to understand philosophy behind Punch. After you've finished Happy Hour and understand the core design patterns associated with Punch-built apps, you'll be ready for the Punch reference application: TempHire.

Download DevForce Express and see how DevForce makes development easier. DevForce Express demonstrates the full power of DevForce but is limited to a maximum of 10 entity type.