DevForce and Azure. A money-saving combination.

Windows Azure promises…

The Windows Azure Platform promises to radically reduce the costs and risks of managing the IT infrastructure that supports your application. Hardware, networking, foundational software, staffing, security, availability, capacity, redundancy … these become Microsoft’s problems, not yours.

That’s a fair exchange, but why pay more than you have to?

DevForce promises to save you money in three areas...


demands a multi-tier architecture. DevForce provides you with a powerful platform for writing cross-client and multi-tier .NET applications. You write and test your application in the local development environment familiar to you today … with no Azure costs. Save thousands of dollars and avoid debugging in the cloud.


With DevForce technologies – client-side caching, client-side LINQ, offline operation, and local storage – you will reduce your consumption of the number of Azure virtual machine (VM) instances, VM “size”, volume of data transfers, and storage… all factors in the calculation of your Azure cost.


Application development is iterative. Your application will evolve. DevForce is built for iterative development; we minimize the friction of database schema and conceptual model changes. Also, the range and flexibility of testing options means you can ensure high quality “for free” in your development environment and pay a lower tax when the time comes to test in the cloud.