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Cocktail ships with a reference application called TempHire, a line-of-business application for an imaginary temporary hiring agency. TempHire demonstrates a best practice architecture and design for real world enterprise and line-of-business applications.

TempHire demonstrates the common pieces that make up a real application, including login, view and view model composition for loosely-coupled, reusable UI components, multi-screen navigation, eventing, validation, concurrency checking, multiple EventManagers for sandbox editing and cache management, etc.

TempHire is written in Code-First style and utilizes multiple models to separate concerns.


Introduction to DevForce.

Silverlight Quickie

WPF Quickie

Tour of DevForce Silverlight

Tour of DevForce Silverlight
Part 2: CUD

Tour of DevForce Silverlight
Part 3: Extend the entity

Tour of DevForce Silverlight
Part 4: Tidying up

Tour of DevForce Silverlight
Part 5: Coping with trouble


Code First.

Code First, Code Second

Real World Code First AOP


MVVM Light with DevForce

BookShelf with DevForce

Prism in Azure


BigShelf: RIA/JS with DevForce

Other videos.

Simple combo box

Recover the NorthwindIB
sample database

Breaking large Entity Framework models with DevForce

Cocktail: TempHire reference

Cocktail: Screen Harness

Precompile views to improve performance

Why DevForce?
Success Story
Tom Juncewicz

Keeping it Clean with DevForce

“If I didn’t have DevForce, I would have had to either add bodies to the project or stretch the project timeline out.”

Tom Juncewicz
Assistant IT Director,
Stanley Steemer
Read the full story ...

Industry Buzz
Adam Kinney,
Microsoft Channel 9

"My favorite feature of DevForce Silverlight is the ability to run LINQ statements from within the client without having to touch the server. In the rich client application world, this makes development a lot easier."
Dean Tessman,
Manager of Development, MediSolution

"The ROI from DevForce has been significant. Overall, we estimate that DevForce has saved us many man months of development time and increased developer efficiency dramatically."

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