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LINQPad driver


If you like LINQ, you'll love DevForce.

LINQPad makes it easy to test and refine your LINQ queries without having to compile and run the query inside the context of a full application.

DevForce makes it easy to use client-side LINQ queries in an n-tier RIA application like Silverlight, WPF, and soon Metro.

With DevForce you can:

  • Write LINQ queries in your client application that return real entities from across the internet.
  • Use all of the features of Microsoft’s Entity Framework.
  • Execute complex LINQ statements including nested subqueries, projections, and aggregation.
  • Compose queries dynamically based on criteria determined at runtime.
  • Cache entities on the client, dramatically improving performance of your application.
  • Focus on your business logic and let DevForce take care of all the n-tier WCF communications, serialization, and marshaling for you.
  • Expose your domain model through the OData API so non-.NET platforms can also consume your data model.

In response to customer requests, we’ve built a DevForce LINQPad driver that lets you use LINQPad with DevForce entity models. You now get all the benefits of LINQPad seamlessly integrated into your DevForce development environment.

DevForce and the DevForce LINQPad driver do it for you.

Register to download them both for FREE.

Why DevForce?
Success Story
Tom Juncewicz

Keeping it Clean with DevForce

“If I didn’t have DevForce, I would have had to either add bodies to the project or stretch the project timeline out.”

Tom Juncewicz
Assistant IT Director,
Stanley Steemer
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