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DevForce and WebUI Studio

A complete development solution in one money-saving bundle.

Build real-world, data-persisted business applications that
target both Silverlight and WPF with an all-new product bundle.

These special bundles, provided by a partnership between IdeaBlade and Intersoft, make it easy to combine an amazing UI with a modern back-end solution.

WebUI Studio and DevForce let you build engaging and scalable business applications that leverage the MVVM design pattern and unified development model. The bundles will save you up to $1,500 over buying the products separately!

Start your project with DevForce to create a powerful, cross-platform line-of-business application. Build your application with confidence that you’re using the latest technologies and best practices. DevForce will help you learn and understand MVVM and repository patterns.

Complete your project with a professional, feature-rich user interface with WebUI Studio controls. These easy-to-use controls save tons of time and let you effortlessly add that “wow” factor to your application.

Download an MVVM sample app and see for yourself...

  • Two solutions, in WPF and Silverlight, share the same source code and XAML
  • Demonstrates MVVM and repository patterns
  • The views are blendable and rely on design data delivered by ViewModels
  • It looks great
  • It’s concise and easy to read
  • Includes a walkthrough ... learn how it is put together and why
  • A terrific mash-up of DevForce and Intersoft UI controls

Try or Buy?

If you’re new to DevForce and WebUI Studio, we encourage you to try them out FREE.

If you’ve already experienced all the benefits of DevForce and WebUI Studio, review the three bundle options and buy now.

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Why DevForce?

Industry Buzz
Adam Kinney,
Microsoft Channel 9

"My favorite feature of DevForce Silverlight is the ability to run LINQ statements from within the client without having to touch the server. In the rich client application world, this makes development a lot easier."
Dean Tessman,
Manager of Developement, MediSolution

"The ROI from DevForce has been significant. Overall, we estimate that DevForce has saved us many man months of development time and increased developer efficiency dramatically."

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